“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

— Albert Einstein

Breaking out of my comfort zone… Over and over again

I couldn’t find a better title than breaking out of my comfort zone to kick off this blog.

It has been forever since I first thought of so many stories that I wanted to tell, but every time I found a reason -ok, excuse- not to do it. 

I encounter more and more signs around me that what could be happening is that I was hiding behind my insecurities and found every possible way to sabotage myself. I have been working very hard on taking small imperfect actions since I always felt I needed everything to be perfect before executing, I know now that this is my ego taking the lead.

One of the biggest ones is, I really don’t have any time to spare. 

After all, I have a full-time job, a big family that needs my already scarce time, friends far away, and a big big BIG desire to keep learning, growing and challenging myself to grow spiritually, and so many ideas never make it past my notes app on my phone. 

Since I believe in congruency above all, I needed to walk the talk. 

When I talk to people close to me, I often say that we need to challenge ourselves continuously. And when I get asked how I embrace change, specifically when talking about certain behaviors or goals, I typically say that when the pain of not doing something we can’t stop thinking about becomes greater than the fear of doing, we know there’s no other way.

This morning as I was doing my morning routine, I came across this message:

“…this Name brings the energy of healing at the deepest and most profound level of my being, because I can now accept full responsibility for my present condition, and because I used my energy to concentrate on others who also need healing.”*

72 Names of God: #5 HEALING
מ ה ש
Want to learn more about the 72 names of God: https://kabbalah.com/en/articles/72-names-of-god/

I have not only questioned if I should share stories putting myself out there when I am not a professional writer (even though I love telling stories), I don’t even have a clue if people will read it, I don’t have a big audience, I have no idea if anyone will even find it interesting.

But again, none of those reasons are strong enough to stop me from sharing my perspective on how I’ve experienced my life and learnings and how I connect them to business, leadership, culture, tolerance, values and even raising my kids.

Be like a tree

More frequently than I would like (ah! here I am again judging how often my ego shows up!) I need to remind myself that I need to be more like a tree.

I listened to a podcast I love and continue to get different insights out of it, and they made a comment that I carry since as a mantra:

“A tree grows because it has an innate nature to grow, not because it cares what other trees think about it or because it wants to be the best tree ever. It has a purpose, and it fulfills that purpose.”

Spiritually hungry blog: https://kabbalah.com/en/articles/what-does-it-take-have-true-confidence-3-tips-live-free-self-doubt/
Episode 69. For Goodness Sake: How To Share & Expecting Nothing In Return. https://podcasts.apple.com/mx/podcast/spiritually-hungry/id1517646639?i=1000542122150

The intention of this blog is to inspire and provoke people into new ways of thinking. And with that challenge how we lead, build a culture, and ultimately, impact the people around us, but above all is for me and being like a tree, and sharing the ideas that continue to make me happier every single day.

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

As you have probably guessed, this is a HUGE step out of my comfort zone, I hope you enjoy it, share it, and engage with it, but above all, I hope it takes you to what might seem to be uncomfortable places and the joy that comes with it.


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